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Wrongful Repossession

If you have missed payments on your car or had a lapse in your insurance, the finance company may start the process of self-help repossession.  Even if you have defaulted on your auto loan, there are limits on the ways in which a the lender can complete a car repossession.  

No Fees for Help With Your Police Repossession

Ian Lyngklip has been litigating repossession and consumer protection cases for nearly 30 years. He can help you recover compensation for your police repossession. We won't charge you any up front fees for a consultation, and if we file a lawsuit for you, your fees are paid by the other side. There is no charge unless we recover for you. Call now for help to keep mistaken death records off your credit reports, (877) 400-CREDit | (877) 400-2773 or contact us now through this site.

Free Phone or Zoom Consultation

There's no need to fight the credit bureaus by yourself. Get the representation of Michigan's most respected credit reporting attorneys. Call now (877) 400-CREDit | (877) 400-2773 or contact us now through this site.

Lyngklip & Associates Fights Wrongful Repossessions

Even if you were behind on your payments or defaulted on your financing, you still have rights. Finance companies are not allowed to break into your property or use the police to help in the repossession. Call today for a free consultation, (248) 208-8864.


Lyngklip & Associates is committed to answering your questions about wrongful repossession law issues in Michigan.

We offer a free consultation and we’ll gladly discuss your case with you at your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.