Police Assisted Repossession

Can Police Help in a Repossession?

Police are often called to the scene of a repossession.   In those instances, their primary job is to help keep the peace.  This means, they are there to insure that no harm comes to people or property.  And if the repossession is at the home of the consumer, the can assist in making sure that a repossession agent does not trespass on private property.  There is no authority in Michigan allowing the police to "help" in the repossession, and Michigan law prohibits creditors from asking for assistance from police officers in a repossession.  Most importantly, police are not allowed to resolve issues relating to a repossession and they should never direct a consumer to turn over their car to a repossession agent.

Do Police Intervene in Repossessions?

Yes, very frequently.  In spite of clear law that police officers are not allowed to help repossess a vehicle, they regularly do.  In fact, most police training instructs the officers to help the repossession agent if there is a dispute.  While this behavior is improper and illegal, Michigan Police departments regularly ignore the law and let their officers help in repossessions.